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Foreign media: China's fourth-generation fighter J10C shock birth
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Default Foreign media: China's fourth-generation fighter J10C shock birth

U.S. forces have recently Baoliao: China's Cheng Fei has developed the latest J10 improved - J10C fighters. The successful development of this fighter is also expected back in the U.S. military side, because J10 aircraft were formally stripped of its official to disclose their have been listed in installed as many as dozens of front-line troops.

J10C equipped with more advanced radar equipment, radar, the radar has a relatively J10 greater detection range and have to track 12 targets and pose the greatest threat against them six goals. The cockpit set up a more advanced home-made diffraction HUD. In addition, equipped with J10C In addition to the more advanced PL12 in the moment will also be equipped with air to air missiles, more advanced PL-13 long-range air to air missiles, which have an anti-missile early-warning capabilities. Installation of a laser-guided pod J10C, can launch a variety of laser-guided bombs, to further enhance the fighter-to-ground precision strike capability.

J10C with the J10 has a very different in appearance, its inlet using a more sophisticated design, the original thrust of the engine because of the additional installation of a larger design of six bone ribs will cease to exist, replaced by a more streamlined design. In addition to other inlet, J10C and J10 appearance on the biggest difference is that, J10C also the same as the F16E installation of a similar "Hunchback Falcon" and two extra large fuel tanks. The U.S. side was not surprised, the United States that the J10 fighter design success is in its completely digested and absorbed the advantages of the F16 fighter, so J10C uses the F16E similar design to increase the practice of the voyage was not surprising. J10 fighter overall performance has exceeded F16A / B, while the performance of J10C fighters will have to surpass the U.S. active-duty, one of the main fighter plane of all models of F16. But the U.S. also believes that because of J10 aircraft engines still rely on Russia, so Russia's J10C can only use the latest improved AL-31FN engine.

The United States further noted that, J10C the successful development of China's significance lies not only J10C fighters themselves, but more because, as China's fourth-generation fighter demonstrator important mission! It is learned that, J10C use of stealth coatings, infrared signature suppression, and many of the stealth technology to reduce the amount of infrared radiation, and radar reflectivity, while the U.S. military successfully developed before the fourth-generation fighter F35 is also the first in the F16E aircraft carried out a stealth design verification work, and the Russian launch of S-37 Golden Eagle fighter planes also serve the same task. Therefore, J10C marks the successful development of China's real fourth-generation fighters JXX is also about to take off!

Journal of the Australian air force official blog has the author, exposure of China's J-10C carrier-based aircraft data and the performance of the shape, which reduce the landing roll to 50 meters distance.

The article points out, these data show, J-10C carrier-based aircraft and the J-10 fighter series is almost identical, only the thrust increased from 122 kN to 152 kN, taxiing distances have been shortened to 50 meters. With the J-10, like, J-10C carrier-based aircraft In addition to maintaining a normal level flight, there are plenty of thrust to meet the needs of the implementation of a variety of combat missions, therefore, J-10C acceleration, climbing and circling and other standards may be a substantial increase, even if the increase in air into the vertical mode is also effortlessly.

The article said, J-10C carrier-based aircraft would be a weapons system operator manipulation, and is responsible for a precision strike. J-10C can carry more than 4 tons of ammunition, but the future will be equipped with precision-guided munitions. In addition, the carrier-based aircraft may also have the right to attack capability.
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